Peter is a freelance automotive journalist working in both words and video.

He is the Editor-At-Large for Formula One website F1 Reports, a contributor to Australian motoring site The Motor Report and video reviewer for Carsguide. His work also appears semi-regularly in the Sunday Telegraph and other News Limited newspapers.

His work has also appeared in Box magazine and on carshowroom.com.au

Peter has won an award or two, so he calls himself an award-winning writer.

His favourite is Sydney Theatre Company Young Playwrights’ Award in 1992 with People In The Dark. The play was subsequently toured by the Australian Theatre For Young People as part of Hot Young Things in 1992 and 1993. He tells people that David Williamson, whose son was in it, said that Peter wrote really good dialogue. He probably did say that but Peter has absolutely no proof.

That same year he was awarded a commendation in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Young Writer of the Year Award. Remember that? Jumped the shark a bit towards the end.

Surely, however, the greatest of the awards is the Safety House Writing Competition. He can’t remember exactly what he wrote but if it were entered today, the Department of Community Services would be paying his parents a visit.

Peter has reviewed music, books and film at various times for various publications including Urban Cinefiles and Tertangala. He also reviewed video games for ten years at Game Power Australia, Jolt (UK), SPEED Magazine and Cybershack.

He wrote an opinion piece for The King’s Tribune about how the media in this country is rubbish. Cutting edge stuff, I think you’ll agree.

He’s writing novels, too. He has one as complete as it can be before being edited by somebody clever and it’s called Sweet S(e)oul.

Two other novels are in varying states of disrepair, Roman Jones and the Crystal Cave (YA) and William Snow: Angel’s Death (mystery/comedy).

Peter has written screenplays, television scripts, plays and radio plays and loved doing that.

You can commission Peter to write stuff, look stuff over and give you honest but encouraging feedback.

Send him an email at zerogeewhiz@me.com if you want to talk to him about doing such a thing.


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