Who is this guy?

Peter Anderson likes to think he’s a writer, raconteur and occasional broadcaster.

He knows more than he should about things like Formula 1, video games, technology, cars, internet security and other nerdy stuff. He loves talking about all of these things. Actually, you can’t shut him up about them.

He also has strong opinions about social justice, the role of religion in a secular (and sometimes hostile) society and politics. He follows all of these issues in Australia, the United Kingdom and, to a lesser extent, the United States.

He’s happy in front of a camera or on radio and irritates his work colleagues with a wide range of voices and impersonations should you want to hire him for voice work.

He’s described as pleasantly obnoxious, loud, left-wing and ‘Christian who’s read the Jesus bits of the Bible.’ He’s comfortable with all of that.

Peter is married to the entirely wonderful Phillipa and has a son, Max. He lives in a half-limbo between Melbourne and Sydney.

He’s a teetotal, Mac-using Christian and is therefore unbearably smug.

What he does to pay the bills is run a small consulting company that operates in the dreary world of information technology. He’s been working in that field for over a decade, so if you want to talk to him about that, go right ahead. He’ll try and make internet security and identity management sound interesting. He describes his role as ‘translating between propellerheads and humans.’

If you want to contact him, feel free to do so at zerogeewhiz@me.com, or tweet him on @zerogeewhiz. He’ll be very discreet, won’t tell anyone.


Q. What’s zerogeewhiz?

A. It’s my gaming nickname, a combination of zero-gee and gee-whiz. I just liked the sound of it.

Q. Have you ever done any acting?

A. Yes. A few short plays, short films, one feature (Wanted, South Korea 1995, uncredited) and has been cast as a psychopathic, Tourette’s afflicted maintenance man in the indie horror film The Disturbed (in ‘extended pre-production’).

Q. TV work?

A. Yes, I’ve appeared in a pilot for a top secret show about video games and got a long way into the auditions for one of the hosting roles on Top Gear Australia. No, really, I did.


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