Sweet S(e)oul

Peter is currently writing several things at once.

The most complete is S(e)oul Mates, aka Sweet S(e)oul:

David Black’s world changes as he is sent to Seoul on a job he knows nothing about, with no money and no idea.

David Black lives a dreary, grind of a life. He has convinced himself that he wants a quiet journey during his time on earth. He’s engaged to be married but has a problem – his new job is sending him to Seoul for a month, leaving him two weeks to return and complete preparations for a wedding.

In Seoul he discovers that his boss is a psychopath, the work he’s doing may not be technically legal, he’s stuck in an armpit of a hotel and his work colleagues are probably out to get him. His fiancee is growing steadily more paranoid, unpredictable and frantic in his absence.

In all of this he meets Hye-Jin, a girl whose family’s self-interest has made her abandon her dreams to work in the family business and help pay off her father’s gambling debts. She is like no-one David has ever met. He may, however, wish he’d never met her.

Sweet S(e)oul is a funny, twisting romantic comedy set in the heaving cities of Seoul and London. It’s a book about about two people who find themselves with plenty to lose but so much more to gain.

An earlier version can be found here:


If you’d like an up-to-date copy of the prologue and first chapter, please contact me.


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