I watched Offspring!

And it made me go cross-eyed. The performances were fine but I didn’t have a clue what was going on and the camera wasn’t held still, making me feel ick. So I turned it off.

Not much of a review, but there you go. I don’t watch stuff that makes me feel ill (Q&A, The Footy Show, anything with people like Brynne Edelston).


One thought on “I watched Offspring!

  1. I watched the pilot episode and it had the same effect on me. The timing was all wrong… frenzied and muddled, just for the sake of it. And a couple of howler plot holes. I’ve been told the rest of the first series is worth sticking with but I haven’t bothered yet.

    So it seems the second series has started like the first…

    I’ve just finished the first series of “Rake” and it’s great. Have you seen it?

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