UK Pro-Cuts Rally A Miserable Failure

Read this: Rally Held To Back Cuts To Reduce UK Deficit

Toby Young, who blogged in The Telegraph ‘Those that care about Britain should attend the Rally Against Debt,’ missed it:

“Leaving Pirates exhibition to go to #RallyAgainstDebt, but just heard it’s all over. Well done to those who made it”


The pirate exhibition must have been awesome. I mean, he’s not particularly important, he’s an author, but this shows the general level of commitment to the concept. For the record, 350 people turned up according to the Met.

After my last rant a little light relief was in order and, I guess, some perspective. The UK economy is in dire straits with one big-spending government replaced by a stupid one, itself riven with political drama because the Tories and the LibDems are natural enemies the way cats and chainsaws are.

The sheer horror of the Tories’ spiteful cuts aimed at the people who can least afford them – students, the poor, the disabled – is matched by the brilliance of them offloading the blame to the LibDems. Vodafone had a £6bn tax bill and instead of giving them a huge fine and perhaps a payment plan the way, you know, everyone else is treated, the Tory-led Government waved it away in the same manner I wave away my mother’s offer to pay for coffee. The LibDems must have almost spontaneously combusted. Which would be funny if

a) it wasn’t £6bn

b) it turned out Vodafone couldn’t actually afford it (they can, because they don’t spend it on their network or supporting British jobs)

c) it wasn’t £6bn


Conservatives seem to be the same all over the world. Target the poor, the students, the disabled – those who don’t spend much money on stuff so – that they have even less money to buy necessities so that multinational companies and the billionaires associated with them can have not just tax breaks and cuts but complete forgiveness of a bill that was running up illegally in the first place. Just to make sure, the Tories have also targeted the BBC where a great deal of people make a living making fun of the Tories on radio and TV. Just to remind the BBC who’s in charge, you know.

To top it off, the cuts aren’t working for the British economy which is mostly going backwards and has a nominal growth rate of a miserable 0.5%. It was the Trade Union Congress’ rally that drew half a million people that care about Britain. The fraction of that number that turned up to the Rally Against debt nicely sums up the percentage of the population the Tories really care about – the absurdly, sometimes criminally, wealthy.


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